Monday, August 15, 2011

Giving the nurses something to gossip about (Alessandra)

“Alaskan Harlots?” I heard a nurse whisper to another nurse in the corner of a hallway as Alex and I stepped out of Carlisle’s office.

“ But I thought she was his half sister.” The other whispered. Alex raised an eyebrow and gave me a questioning look. But I held my hand up to stop him from speaking. Of course the nurses couldn’t know that we could hear them.

“ Would that stop you, if you had a brother who looked like Dr. Cullen, and did you see that man with her? He’s as hot as Carlisle.” Alex let out a shuffled cough that sounded like he was trying not to laugh.

“So these nurses have nothing better to do all day then gossip about what Dr. Cullen does behind closed doors?” Alex asked. I shrugged.

“Small town America?” I asked. He laughed.

“I wouldn’t know. This is the first small town I’ve ever been in not to mention the first time I’ve ever been in America. I prefer Europe it is so much more civilized.”  I laughed, as I had once felt the same way.  And I never really did like Forks for all its primitive small towns. It was a quiet place to live though. Of that much I did appreciate.

“I do understand. Europe has so much more to it.” I said.

“Well. Shall we for old times’ sake, give this twittering nurses something else to talk about it?” Alex asked suddenly pulling me very closely into his arms. He brushed my hair aside. I had forgotten how utterly romantic my brother could be.

“Alex!” I muttered, and squirmed.

“Oh come now Vestia. You remember as well as I do, the fun we had at those parties.” He called me Vestia. “The pharos used to bed their siblings.” He whispered in my ear. I sighed, and watched as those twittering, gossiping nurses moved in closer.

“Alright.” I whispered and relaxed as he ran his fingers across my skin and then very gently lifted my chin up and kissed me. And shame on me for wanting him to go a little bit farther even if we were twins. I heard a gasp and felt something drop to the floor. Alex laughed softly for only me to hear then let me go.

“All good fun.” He said letting me go and clearing his throat. Then taking my hand began to lead me down the hallway as if he was going to bed down with me. I couldn’t help but laugh.

” But I thought they were siblings. They do look an awful lot alike.” We heard one of the nurses say.

Apparently, being related doesn’t stop her.” The other said. Umph I thought. How very rude of them to even think that I would with my own brother. Then, I had to stop myself. Of course Alex was right. We had more than our share of fun, back in Rome.  But I can blame that on too much wine and opium can’t I? At any rate, we did give those twittering ducks something else to talk about.

And for good measure, just before we exited the hallway, I pulled Alex into me and gently kissed him.

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