Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jammie Pants, Trinket Box, list of things to do

Location: Bedroom
Music: Amazing Grace~ Dropkick Murphys
Book: Beka Cooper~ Tamora Pierce ( I am going to finish it sooner or later)
Mood: Calm

Okay so a few weeks ago, I decided to try and make my own pair of jammy pants. Only, I wasnt really sure how to go about this. So I did some research and found a neat little tutorial off Violet's website. So going off Violet's tutorial, I made my own pair of jammy pants! I even hand stitched them. I've decided that next time, I make some I am getting my sewing machine out though lol. Hand stitching took forever.  But they turned out really well. :) They even stayed together after I washed them. lol

I also bought a cute little purple trinket box at JoAnn's Fabric a few weeks ago, that i decided to decorate using felt and ribbons. It didnt turn out the way I wanted it too. But it still turned out okay I guess. 

So yeah that one could have turned out much better. lol. Oh well. 

I also finally made a list of crafts and things I want to work on. Here it is!

Beach Rock
Crochet a flower
Crochet a 1940s grocery bag
Knit gray gloves from Red Riding Hood
Make a leather bag for hiking
(Find rabbit fur for craft) 
Deco Jewelry box
make a flower using polymore clay
Crochet Bunnie
Fireweed notebook
Using a Blythe mini Littlest Pet Shop doll ( Make either red riding hood doll or Alice in Wonderland doll) 
Abstract Art Work
new phone case for my iphone
Civil War pin cushion
Pink glass bead bracelet
Fix a bracelet that broke
Make Harry Potter Book Scarves
Pasties (done) 
Hucklberry Muffins
Watch Three Smart Girls (Denna Durbin) 
Finish Jammies (Done)
Finish knitting black scarf
Finish playing Nancy Drew and the Captive Curse
Start writing novel (or outline) 
Finish Reading Beka Cooper book
Watch Deadwood
Finish Road To Avonlea (all seasons) 

I figure sometime this winter I should hopefully have everything done on this list. :) At least thats my goal. Providing I dont add to it that is lol. 

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