Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jane Eyre Movie Review sorda

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Last night I finally watched the new version of Jane Eyre. I have been wanting to see it for so long. It didnt come to the Lansing area until we were about ready to move and by then I didnt have time to go see it in theaters. But as Itunes had it for digital download, I was finally able to watch it. 

Now I had heard some people didnt care for the remake. Saying it didnt compare with the 2006 version and left things out of the book. However, I have not read the book yet and while I did see the 2006 version, I think I really liked the new one much better. It was much darker. Much more like how I pictured Jane Eyre should be portrayed. Alot of people see Jane Eyre as a romance story and it is a romance story but Bronte was also writing about things that happened in her childhood. Which wasnt exactly pleasant. So I thought they did a good job on the movie. 

I also really liked that they filmed the movie completely on the moors just like they did in the recent remake of Wuthering Heights. So all in all, I would give the movie a ten. And it fully deserves its 84 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes 

On yet another note, I finally finished my scarf. Yes the one I have been working on since like January. I found a Victorian Macrame trim in the latest addition of Piecework that I want to do on it. Which wont take me long once I get started.

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