Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lunch Time (Lilac)

Liliac sat quietly flipping through an old photo album, at the Ravenclaw table with her lunch in front of her. She was very quiet, and didn’t notice at all when her cousins showed up at the table. She had her piggy in her lap, gently stroking Rosie’s chin, keeping her firm and from squirming. The piggy, surprisingly sat still.

“You’re quiet, is something wrong?” Cee asked startlingly her cousin. Liliac jumped, and nearly lost Rosie, but caught her piggy just before Rosie could escape. When she finally did look at her cousin, she had tiny tears in her eyes, and shrugged.

“I miss them.” She said tracing the picture of her parents dancing in the moonlight under a tree.

“I know.” Cee said with a quiet sigh, also looking at the photo. The cousins had all been very close to their aunt and uncle and had felt Liliac’s pain when her parents were killed. “We all miss them.” She added.

“But you have us.” Thomas said looking at Liliac.

“I know.” Liliac tried to smile at Thomas. “ But…” He nodded, understanding.

“We aren’t them. But it’s good to miss them.”

“Since when did you become so wise?” Cee teased gently.

“ I know, what would cheer you up.” Cryil said from across the table, and opened up a tiny tin box.

“What?” Lil asked.

“Chocolate Frogs! I bought a whole bunch last time I had a chance. You can have some if you want.”
“Thanks, Cryil.” Lilac said this time actually smiling. It was very rare that Cryil decided to like her and be nice to her. But they were cousins after all.

“No problem.” Cryil added quickly shutting the lid on the tin after Liliac had taken three frogs. He smiled.

“I guess he’s not all bad all the time.” Cee commented. Simply staring at her brother in disbelief.”

“Hey, I’m not a Slytherin or anything.” Cryil replied. “But don’t get any ideas. I got a reputation to uphold you know.”

“Yeah of being a brat.” Thomas said.

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