Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Secret Book (Alice)

 “Oh, that book!” I said suddenly, remembering the book I had preordered from Amazon months ago. I had seen that a Scott Evenson would write a book and mention Esme’s name in it. But he would only mention Esme Platt Evenson. Not Esme Cullen. So I had not thought to mention it to anyone. Nor did I think it would be a big enough deal to really keep an eye on Mr. Evenson. However, given the fact that he showed up on TV, it may be good idea if I started keeping an eye on him.

“That book?” Jasper asked me. I nodded.

“The book! I preordered it months ago, when I had a vision of that man, writing it. I didn’t think it was important but wanted to get the book just in case. I havent even opened the box.” I said jumping up.

“You knew about this?” Esme asked me.

“At the time, I only saw that he would write a book. I wasn’t sure if he would get the book published or not. When it showed up on Amazon, I thought I better preorder it. But I didn’t think it would go this far.”I said honestly. “When I see things in the future they arent always concrete. Besides, even if Scott Evenson does begging to research farther into your story, it’ll be a long time before he finds us, if it gets that far. Which I don’t think it would. Plus, I believe that the Volturi would probably intervene… Which means…”Woe, was I getting ahead of myself now or what? What would the Volturi do in a situation like this? I wondered. Deciding, to leave that thought blank, I bounced up the stairs to the room I shared with Jasper.

“Alice?” Jasper said moving the closet door. I was next too, rummaging through my endless supply of unopened Amazon boxes.

“I don’t think this is going to be that big of a deal.” I said finally finding the box I wanted and of course it was at the bottom. Jazz laughed, when he saw the box was at the bottom of the big pile, and easily lifted the pile up. So I could grab the box. I snatched the scissors I had near me, and ripped open the box. Yep, there was the book.

“The thing though is, that we never really covered up our tracks in the past. Before the age of computers. This could turn into something bigger than it is right now.” Jasper said.

“I am well of aware of that.”I said quietly. Honestly, I was already a step ahead of them. “Sarah found me on Facebook didn’t she?” I asked.

“That is true. Have you heard anything from her lately?” He asked. I shook my head. But then, I hadnt exactly checked my email or facebook in weeks. I was too busy dealing with the newborn army and Bella’s disappearance.

“No. But I havent opened my laptop in weeks.” I said quietly. “Hey Jazz?”


“Wouldn’t it be something if someone found something on the Volturi members? I mean they’re all older than dirt.” Jasper laughed and rubbed my nose.

“Only you would make light of this.” He said quietly.


“If she didn’t think it was important at the time, or if it could even take place, than she wouldn’t have told us about it.”Rose was saying.

“No that is true.” Carlisle said his hands folded in front of his knees. He was watching Esme carefully.

“Dude, I don’t see how they’d be able to trace anything back to us. I mean, we’ve been careful.” Em said.

“Yes but I am now wondering if we were careful enough in the past, before the internet.” Carlisle answered.

“I found it!”I said giving Carlisle the book. “I honestly don’t see anything coming of this yet. But I’ll keep an eye on it.”I said quiet. 

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