Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small Town American (Alessandra)

“So, this is Forks, Washington uh?” Alex asked, wrapping his jacket around his body trying to act human. I smiled and nodded.

“Not much to it uh?” I said motioning to the two rows of buildings that made up the main street of Forks. He laughed.

“Smallest town I’ve ever seen, I think.” He said casually. “Dr. Cullen and his family live here and try to blend in? What do they do?”

“Well, Carlisle as you can see, keeps himself pretty busy. And the others preoccupy themselves. Alice loves to go shopping. And Emmett and Jasper like creating trouble in the family. Edward has Bella and well you know. They just blend in. I guess they were going to high school….”

“High school? Really? Isnt that beneath Vampires?”

“Sure but if you are trying to act like a human and look the age---“

“Wait didn’t you go to the same High School?”

“On a mission.” I said. “Only because Aro wanted me too. I never would have gone otherwise.”

“I’m trying to picture you in highschool with a bunch of American Teens and its really a funny picture.”

“Oh shut up.” I laughed. “ I blended in just fine, even made a few friends. Umph.”

“Wow, you made friends with teens?”

“Sure why not?” My brother shook his head, apparently the idea of making friends with humans was beyond his comprending. I sighed. Humans weren’t so bad, once you got to know them.

“I do not for the life me see the appeal to small town America. Europe has so much more to it. So much more culture. Everything is the same here.” Alex commented once we hit the end of one side of the street.

“Small towns are supposed to be safer than bigger cities.” I said. I wonder if small town America would still feel that their towns were safe if they knew that some of them held Vampire families in them. “They’re also quiet. Nothing really happens.” Unless of course the vampires make them happen.

“Um. Hey, lets check out this store.” Alex said pushing open the door to a café. I stared at him. My brother wanted to go into a café? Why? I wondered. It wasn’t like we could drink the coffee or eat the donuts.

“Is there a reason why you wanted to check out the café?” I asked. He shrugged and wandered up the counter.

“Can I get a small coffee?” He asked the woman behind the counter who simply stared at him.

“You must be new in town.” She said taking his money. He smiled sweetly and nodded at her.

“My sister and I are visiting the Cullens. We’re staying at a house out on Russel Road.” Wow he was observant. I hadnt told him what road that the old farm house was on.

“In the old Hall House?” The woman asked. It was after all the only empty house on the road.

“That’s the one.”

“How long are you in town for?”

“Oh just a few days. Do you know anything about the Quileute Tribe? I mean do the kids come into town a lot?” I stared at my brother. What game was he playing? I wondered.  But Alex never missed a beat nor did he look my way.

“No, the Quileute’s mostly keep themselves on the reservation.” The woman said handing my brother his coffee.

“Thankyou.” Alex said taking the coffee, and then coming up to me.

“What was that about?” I asked glaring at him. He wasn’t going to try and get any of the Quileute’s to come back home with us. I wouldn’t let him.

“Oh nothing, I was just wondering.”

“Well, make sure you stay away from the Reservation. That’s their terriority.” I said as we left the building. Still wondering what my brother was up too.

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