Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disturbing Emails

“Alice, I know you were saying that it was nothing, when you saw the vision. But, I really don’t like this. It could end up very badly for all of us. What if people start looking into Rose’s murder or my disappearance? There are records and with the internet….”

“Sh.. Jazz I don’t think it’s as bad as you are thinking it will be. We’ve always been careful.” I insisted opening up my laptop sitting on the bed next to Jazz who had his own laptop open. He was researching his own name quietly making sure he cleared all his own documents.

“We have to be more careful. This is why we shouldn’t be intermingling with humans.” Jasper was saying when I got a ding, ding noise saying I had an email. I had in past few weeks forgotten to check my email, with everything going on. Most of it was junk, but there was one, from Sarah that caught my eye. Uh-uh. I thought opening it, having a bad feeling as I did.

Dear Alice,

I know I promised a letter sooner, but as it turns out, researching family history took much longer than I expected. I think a good deal of this is due to the fact that Mary Alice Brandon’s story takes place in the twenties, and my poor grandmother has passed away before I could ask her details. She did keep journals though. However there is very little mentioning Mary Alice which seems strange to me. But perhaps she tried to forget about her sister after she was admitted.

I did however, find a little bit of information from some old news papers and have inquired into them. It turns out that there was an accident in the family.

From what I have been able to find, there was a terrible car accident. Mary Alice’s mother was killed in the car accident and sometime after that, Mary Alice went crazy with grief to the point that her father had her admitted into the Asylum. There is some fishy records though. Like, the records don’t quite add up. Something is missing and I am not sure what. So I will look farther into it.

Once again, I am terribly excited that we’re friends now. Isn’t family history interesting? I never would known about the car accident, if I didn’t start researching.

Your friend


I found myself re reading the part of the letter where Sarah had said that my mother had died in a car accident. No matter how hard I tried to remember anything about this event, I could not, though I had a weird sense of Déjà vu. As if, I knew this happened, but I just couldn’t recall how it happened. I sank back onto the pillows of the bed and Jazz instantly touched my hand.

“What is it?” He asked. I shook my head and turned my laptop towards him. He also stared at the screen as he read my email. “Alice….” He began.

“I know. You don’t like this. Jazz…. I think I better talk to Carlisle.” I said in a soft whisper. Finding out that my mother had died in a car accident was big. But as Sarah had stated, it didn’t add up as to why my father would have admitted me into that asylum.

I gently kissed my husband and taking my laptop quietly slid down the steps and into the living room.

Carlisle was still on the sofa with Esme and Emmett and Rose where still watching tv. I hated to pull Carlisle away from Esme. But this was just as important.

“Carlilse? Can I talk to you…. In your office maybe?” I asked. It wasn’t that I didn’t want my family to know that I was talking to my Great Niece but, that I didn’t want them to get upset. Especially with the issue of this Evenson and Esme. Carlisle however, knew that I had been talking to Sarah. So it was only right that I tell him what she had found out.

“Now?” Carlisle asked, I nodded. Esme gently nodded her head taking the book out of Carlisle’s hand.

“Go on.” She said. “I”ll be fine.”

(Alice’s history can be found in The official Illustrate Guide by Stephenie Meyer)

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