Friday, September 30, 2011

A fun week and a half of crafts and other wonderful things

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Okay, wow it seems like forever and a day since I last wrote a post here. I dont have an excuse either. Well I have been busy but not that busy. As you can see I did find time to write posts for Pan. So why I havent written posts in my blog? No idea. But here goes a tiny little post. 

I've been hacking away at my craft list and of course other things come up that I want to make. for instance, I bought a very adorably My American Girl Doll a few weeks ago. I thought she was so cute, I had to have her. I named her Skye and bought some Play Wonder clothes for her at Target. The clothes arent American Girl clothing. But they work well. And are just as cute. A little less expensive. I even made her a name bracelet.  Though you cant see it so well on the picture I took. 

You can of course expect lots more pictures of Skye as I plan on learning how to make clothing for her. I found a wonderful site with patterns and easy instructions. So we'll see how my learning process goes lol. I did make a little tshirt for her. Here it is! You can't see it very well. :(

And here is the website I found for making the clothes. I really need to get my sewing machine working for those I think. I made the tshirt by hand though a sewing machine would save me alot of time an energy lol. 

I also finally made a little beach rock. It's an idea I saw on Esty and it turned out simply darling. So cute and such an easy project to make. All one needs are a few knick knacks and a hot glue gun. Oh and the rock of course. 

And I finally learned how to crochet a flower! This one turned out much better than my other one did. It has the five petals it is supposed to have. So I was very proud of myself lol. 

And finally, a few weeks ago I went to Micheals out in Anchorage and bought a bunch of American Girl Craft Supplies. I dont know what it is with American Girl and me lately. I love their craft supplies and products though. I think its because it helps keeps me young lol. 

So anyway, I bought some of the pretty scrap book paper and found this old journal I had bought a few years ago. I didnt necessarily like the journal. I thought it was kinda ugly. So I spiced it up with some paper and now I have a pretty new Dairy. But shhh. No one is allowed to read it but me. 

Does it look girly enough for you? LOL I love the color pink. Can't you tell? Anyway, I suppose thats at least a week and a half worth of crafts and posts for you to read through. I havent done much as far as baking has gone. Though I do plan on doing some baking next week. 

Oh and last night I watched Twilight for the millionth time. I cant believe I actually watched it straight through. LOL I never watch it straight through. Normally I skim it. I forgot how utterly cheesy it is in some parts. And I am currently reading MK Hobson's new book Hidden Goddess. It's such a wonderful book so far. I cant wait to finish it. 

I did also finally order Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas. I cant wait to watch it. I hope it's just as good as the others. 

Oh and here is one last picture I took the other day outside of work. There was a rainbow and it was so pretty. I took it from behind the Windbreak. 

So I guess thats it for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and lots of fun! 

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