Friday, September 30, 2011

Maisie's Letter to Oliver (Maisie Post)

My darling Oliver,

I miss you terribly, and the weeks and days have seemed to drag on endlessly without you. I cannot understand how my father thinks this separation before our wedding is good for us. But, I suppose he must know best right? I think he said once that my mother and him had a separation before their wedding. He said it was one of the hardest things he ever went through but it made him appreciate her more or something silly like that. As if we don’t appreciate one another.

Father is also helping me pick out my wedding dress. It is times like these that I wish my mother were still alive. Father has excellent taste in clothing but he is not my mother. I do miss your mother terribly and perhaps I should wait until I return to Drachenburg and have her help with the choosing of the wedding gown.

Isnt it funny that our wedding is announced in both our local papers and we are so far apart from one another? I’ve been invited to lots of different tea parties by local girls the past few weeks and each person in New Bethlem seems to think they need to congratulate me. Much to my father’s dismay. He may be Governor but he does not like functions. Which I find funny.

Please send my warmest regards to your dear Mother. Tell her I miss her just as much as I miss you. I cannot wait to be reunited with the both of you.

And please tell her not to go too fancy with Arian’s outfit. The little dragon does look sharp in a suite. However, he does not like to dress up very often.

Oh yes, and before I forget, the races sound wonderful! I cannot wait to attend one with you!

Last but not least, Arian sends his hellos as well as a hug for you. He must miss you too if he wants to hug you.

Yours ever so faithfully,

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