Friday, September 30, 2011

Possibilities (Alice Post)

I saw them coming. There was several of them. Visitors. But I couldn’t see who they were. It was all misty. I sighed as the vision faded, sitting in front of my lap top on my sofa in my bedroom.

“What did you see?” Jazz asked coming into the room. I smiled at him.

“We’re going to have visitors.” I answered.

“What kind?” Jasper asked. I shrugged.

“I don’t know, I couldn’t see them. I just know they’re coming.” I answered. “Jazz?”

“Yep.” He answered.

“Do you think, Sarah would be able to figure out who I am?”

“Not unless she saw you in person. Your story is a bit different than Esme’s. And I doubt there are as many records as Esme and Carlisle had. Plus, we were very careful to burn all the documents.” Jasper answered sitting down beside me. “Why, are you worried?”

“No, not really. I mean I havent seen anything that says she’ll find out who I am. I havent seen much at all when it comes to Sarah.”

“Um. Maybe all this talk about humans finding out who we are is getting to you. Think we should go out to Port Angels for a fun day on our own?” Jasper asked that own twinkle in his eye.

“I love that idea!” I said kissing him gently. “But let me send Sarah an email first.”

“Alright. I’ll go change into something more sporty and get the car ready.”

Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for your email in regards to your great aunt. Isn’t history fascinating? I love how tiny facts can be hidden for generations and then one day, boom! They are found again! Be sure to keep me updated with the information you find. I am finding this story completely interesting. I wonder if there are any news clippings of Mary Alice’s mother’s death or perhaps pictures? I would love to see copies of them if there are.

Your ever faithful facebook friend,


There I thought. That didn’t sound too fishy of an email. I desperately did want to see any photos that Sarah may come up with. I was sure there must be photos some place. I half wondered if I should go back to Biloxi and do my own research. I mean wasn’t the town itself, a fairly decent size now? The chances that I should run into Sarah were slim. And besides, I could always say it was mere fate that I looked like her aunt. That is if she had seen a photo. It was something to think about anyway.

“Alright Jazz! I’m ready!” I yelled from the top of the stairs, shutting down my laptop and bouncing down the stairs. Shopping day! Yay!

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