Friday, September 30, 2011

Questions~ (Alessandra Post)

I had managed to eventually sooth Skye down. Her breathing was back to normal and the wild look in her eyes had vanished. She however, did continue to stare at Carlisle at I as if we were truly the monsters that we were supposed to be. It was frustrating to me to see the look in her eyes. I was used to it from humans. I mean I drank human blood for nearly two thousand years. But still, the look had always unsettled me. I had no real plans of turning this girl. I knew that it could happen. But I also knew I wasn’t going to let it happen if I could help it. Unless of course it was what she wanted in the end. Then I would have no choice.

That is what had happened with Bessie. She had sensed an opportunity to become immortal and took it. That and she had also become an excellent tracker later on. Much to Aro’s approval. He wouldn’t have kept the girl on if she didn’t have some sort of talent. This much I knew. And I was honestly surprised that he kept my brother. As Vestus had no real talent except that he was a smooth talker.

“You do seem more civilized than the other’s were. Are all older vampires civilized then?” Skye asked nervously twisting the comforter on her bed. I could tell she still did not completely trust us. I looked at Carlisle for a moment. It wouldn’t do to tell her that all older vampires were civilized. Because it wasn’t true. And now that she knew the truth about our existence, perhaps it was wise to tell her exactly how dangerous other vampires could be.

“No.” I said finally after a few moments of deciding how to tell her that Carlisle, Petrus, Alex and I were quite out of the norm. “But they’re not as dangerous as the New Borns are. Most vampires are rather wild though. From my understanding.”

“You mean you don’t know?” Skye asked her eyes wide again.

“No, its not that… It’s just that I havent meat many other vampires besides the Volturi and Carlisle and his friends and family.” I said simply.

“But you live in the vampire world---“

“What she means is that most vampires don’t live inside a coven. Most vampires also don’t move inside the human world. They’re loners or they move in twos. Most have a mate of some kind.” Carlisle explained.

“A mate? Like a boyfriend or girlfriend?”

“Yes. Like a boyfriend or girlfriend.” Carlisle smiled gently.

“So, how long does it take for a new born vampire to not be a new born vampire?” Skye asked.

“About two years or so.” I said quietly. I had moved to the side of the bed and had sat down next to Skye. Of course I didn’t need to sit down. “However most of the time when a new vampire is created, their creator tries to keep them under control. What you ran into was a newborn army.” I explained.

“What’s that?”

“A new born army is created to keep other vampires out of the army’s creator’s territory. They normally take in people who wouldn’t be missed.” Carlisle answered.

“Like runaways?” Skye asked and shuddered. I nodded. “But you don’t seem to have a newborn army.”

“New Born Army’s are not exactly a wise thing to create.”I answered. “They’re very hard to control, very unpredictable.”

“Oh.” Skye answered. “So you’re really not going to eat me?”

“Nah. We don’t like runaway girls.” Petrus called from the hallway. I sighed. Sometimes that boy was so irritating.

“No.” I smiled gently. “Trust me if I had wanted to eat you, as Petrus said, you would be dead by now. However, Carlisle and I don’t drink human blood.”

“Which is just disgusting what they do drink.”Petrus added. I sighed again.

“For once, I agree with him!” Alex called.

“Are they always like this?” Skye asked.

“Yes. Pretty much.” I answered.

“So what do you drink?” Skye asked now. “If it’s not human blood?”

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