Thursday, September 1, 2011

Siblings and TV Shows (Alessandra)

“So this is how you hunt uh?” Alex said standing on the branch of a tree in the forest just has I had finished drinking from a wild bear I had caught and wrestled to the ground. I leaped up, whipping off my mouth and glared at my brother.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on people.” I said, a bit befuddled that he had managed to take me unawares. How did he do that anyway? I wondered.

“I sneaked up on you? If you were paying attention you would have sensed me miles away.”

“Well, I wasn’t.” I said.

“That’s so revolting.” Alex said now standing beside the bear I had caught. I blinked and looked at him.

“No more revolting than human blood is to me.” I said with an umph. “Why did you follow me?” I asked now crossing my arms and leaning up against a tree.

“Mostly because I couldn’t stand being away from my sister.” My twin brother said now standing extremely close to me. I felt his cold skin up against mine and leaned into him, as he wiggled even closer to me if it was possible. His hands gently crawling up my skin.

“Vestus…” I said very quietly calling him by the name I had always known him by. My own hands in his long blond hair. He smiled gently at me.

“I don’t know how that Carlisle got you drinking animal blood.” He said softly pushing me up against the tree.

“Um… You wouldn’t understand apparently.” I said quietly.

“ No you are right, I wouldn’t understand. Things have changed between us haven’t they?”

“Yes. Aro has a tendency to do that to people. Change them.” I replied.

“Is that what this animal business is about? Aro?” Alex asked suddenly, as if he finally understood what I was thinking. I nodded.

“In part.” I said. “It’s also my own choosing.”


Some several hours later I laid my jacket down on the sofa and plopped down next to Petrus, Alex sank down next to me. Petrus had the tv on rather loud inside the old farm house and I could hear it clear down the driveway.

“So what is on tv that is so interesting the whole neighborhood has to hear?” I asked.

Then, I heard it. Something about Esme’s name… But it was an Esme Platt and a Charles Evenson. I blinked. Though the date was the same as when Esme started to show up in some of Carlisle’s letters to Volterra.

“Uh.” I said sitting back in the sofa.

“Yep, that’s what I said.” Petrus agreed.

“Am I missing something?” Alex asked.

“Carlisle’s wife’s name is Esme.” Petrus answered.

“So? There are plenty of Esme’s in the world.” Alex responded.

“Yes but Esme started appearing in Carlisle’s letters around the 1920s. And I know for a fact that he was in that area that this Esme Platt Evenson was in this Evenson’s guy’s book.” I answered.

“Wouldn’t it be something if they were the same people? Carlisle’s Esme and Esme Platt Evenson?”

“Don’t be stupid. Carlisle wouldn’t run off with another man’s wife.” I said. At least, I didn’t think he would. I wondered if I should call him and ask him about the tv show. But then, thought better of it. Least of all Esme did answer the phone. She still didn’t like me much. And I didn’t want to give her anymore reason to hate me. 

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