Friday, September 30, 2011

Some Pointers~ (Bree Post)

“Some pointers?” Charlotte had asked. “Well neither of you have passports uh?” She added. We all being stupid, shook our heads.

“That could create a problem getting passed today’s security. And you lot can’t be around humans very long without wanting to drink them. So let’s see here.” Peter said leaning against a tree.

“I suppose the best way for you to get to Italy would be by boat. I mean you could swim but who wants to do that across the whole ocean.”

“It’s not very comfortable under water.” I added.

“No, but it’s pretty damn cool that we can go under water for so long.” Diego added. I rolled my eyes.

Not helping. I mouthed at him. He rolled his eyes in return.

“Traveling by boat could be interesting.” Brent spoke up finally. He had been rather quiet. “I mean we’re fast enough that we can get by security. And if we need to kill one or two, we could quietly of course. We’re cold enough that we can easily be missed by the security laser rays and such.”

“Yeah and maybe once we start moving around we should look into getting passports and IDS.” I said. It was stupid that I ran away before I was 16. But maybe we could fake IDs.

“That would be a good idea. Just make sure humans don’t find out that we’re real. It would be a freak show for sure if they did.” Peter warned. “And the Volturi would have a fit.”

“The Volturi are not people you want to mess with.”

“Oh.” I said quietly. Diego and I quietly exchanging looks.

“Do you think it would be difficult for us in a boat with humans?” Freaky Fred asked.

“Just becareful and drink up before you go on the boat.” Charlotte answered.

“Right. Okay.” I said. “We should get some cash too.” I said looking at Diego who nodded.

“That’s easy to do.” Brent piped up.

“Hey how long do you think we’ll be new bornish?” Diego asked Charlotte.

“At least two years.” Charlotte answered. “After that your New Born systems should die down.”

“So we wont always be so thirsty?” I asked. “The thirst just kills me.”

“It will always be there, but not as bad as it is for you now.” Peter answered looking wirily at me.

“I still cant believe you lot managed to escape the Cullens.” Charlotte said shaking her head.

“Well we ran off before the battle.” Freaky Fred answered. And a good thing we did too. I thought. I knew there was something off about what Riley had told us. We all did. That’s why we left. Now we were just the stupid four following the yellow brick road to Volterra.

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