Friday, September 30, 2011

The Stray Comes Home~ Alessandra Post

“So what do you and your boyfriend and brother do for a living? I mean you guys must be rich or something to be able to afford a defiant vacation from Italy.” Skye said sucking on a sugar stick and kicking the bags full of clothing she had insisted on stashing in the front seat with her. I supposed that the poor girl really was deprived. She seemed to cherish those bags of clothing I had bought her.

“Well…. Our parents are very rich so you see….. We mostly live off their money. Though ,we have our own of course.” It technically wasn’t a lie at all. I thought glancing at Skye as she bounced to what she insisted on putting on the radio was Teen Pop or something like that. Once you got to the core of her soul, Skye was just another teenager, not at all as hard as she tried to pretend to be. In fact most of the things she had picked out where rather light colored princess, preppy clothing. Nothing like what she had on. Then again, I would have picked out exactly the same type of clothing had I been raised in this era. My clothing in Rome had besides my Vestal robes were very, very expensive.

“That seems vague. So what do your parents do?” Skye asked. She had not shut up since we had left Portland. I smiled at her.

“My parents are Merch….. They own a store.”I said catching myself. I couldn’t tell her they were merchants without getting a strange look. Though I was certain she would understand.

“Wow, must be a popular store.” I smirked.

“You have no idea.” I said. Which was true… Their business had been rather popular in Rome… Two thousand years ago.

“Does your brother look like you?” Skye continued with her endless questions.

“We’re twins.” I smiled.

“Wow, do you guys look alike?”

“We do.” I said, except that he had red eyes and was going to laugh at me when he saw what I brought home.

“So this is the town of Forks uh? And where I will be living?” Skye asked as we pulled into town and stared out the window. I nodded.

“It’s pretty small.” I said apologizing. However, I couldn’t think of a better place for her to finish school. In a small town like Forks. Where no one would know her. And I knew this was why Carlisle and his family had also chosen Forks.

“So is our house big?” Skye asked, I couldn’t help but laugh. When I had first meant her I was certain I was going to have a very quiet drive home. I was surprised at how fast this girl trusted me. But then, even Bessie trusted me very fast for someone in her situation. Bessie. I thought with a sigh and shook my head. She was so cute when she was a child.

“It’s big enough. You’ll see.”I answered pulling down the road I lived in.

“And I’ll have my own room? I slept on the sofa at home.” I stared at Skye. “Dad’s second wife needed the extra bedroom for her in home business or whatever it was she said it was. We didn’t like each other.” Skye added with a dark glare.
“Yes you will have your own room. The Farm has four bedrooms and one master bedroom. Petrus and I have the master bedroom.” I added.

“Four bedrooms? Wow! And it’s a farmhouse? Oh, is that it?” Skye asked as we came up to it. Petrus was leaning causally up against the porch railing with my brother waiting for us. I had called them from Portland to warn them what I was doing.

“Yes, that’s it! Home sweet home!” I smiled and parked the car. Skye instantly jumped out of the car and began to pull out the packages of clothing when Petrus laid a hand on her shoulder.

“I can carry those.” He said in his Italian accent with his eyes dancing. He smirked at me.

“Woe… You sure know how to choose ‘em.” Skye said staring after Petrus who kissed me as he gathered a few of Skye’s packages. Trying to act human.

“Another one Alessandra?” Alex asked in Italian, shaking his head.

“Another one? Is this common?” Petrus asked in Italian. Alex smirked and nodded his head.
“She brought home ten slave boys once because they were beaten in public when she was twelve. She tried to take them to the Temple but the Priestess wouldn’t let her keep them. So she gave them to our parents.” Petrus stared at me.

“What? Someone had to do something.” I said replied to them. “Petrus and Alex will take you up to your room and show you were the bathroom is so you can clean up. There is someone I need to call.” I said smiling gently at Skye.

“Okay. But you are going to come up and help me right?” She asked. I stared at her.

“Sure.”I said with a shrug. I waited until she was inside the house with Petrus and Alex before I leaned up against the car and dialed Carlisle’s number.

“Hello Alessandra, what can I do for you?” Carlisle asked. I frowned for a moment wondering how to explain that I had sorda taken in a stray again. The last time I had just taken Bessie to Carlisle’s wonderful home in London. However, this time I didn’t think it was a good idea that I just take Skye to Carlisle’s house let alone the hospital.

“Do you remember Bessie?” I asked.

“Yes of course.” Carlisle answered.

“Well… I found another kid.”I said finally. “She was in Bessie’s situation sorda. Her father told her to get out of the house… And I’ve done a bit of a search for her name on my phone and haven’t come up with anything. I couldn’t just leave her there on the beach.”

“Alessandra, you took her home? A human girl?” Carlisle asked sounding rather surprised.

“Well, yes.”I answered.

“With Petrus and Alex there?”

“I told her if she came to live with us, she had to at least finish school. Carlisle, she had dropped out of high school.”

“A highschooler?” Carlisle asked sounding even more surprised. Alessandra…” He began. I was rather surprised that he didn’t understand my need to help people. He had a need to help people didn’t he?

“ Anyway, I was wondering if you could come and do a check up on her? I didn’t think it was a good idea to take her to the hospital or to your house… “

“Of course, I’ll be there shortly.” He answered.

“Thanks Carlisle.” I said hanging up and sighing.

“You know you shouldn’t have.”Alex said coming outside and starting at me with those bright red eyes.

“What was I supposed to do? Leave her on the beach?” I asked.

“She’s 17. She is old enough to take care of herself.”

“Vestus, she needed help and we can help.”I said.

“I knew you were going to say that.” My brother said rolling his eyes.

“I know what you are thinking.” I said suddenly staring at him. “That Aro won’t like it. But he doesn’t care. Besides he is used to it by now. And half of the time the children I bring home end up having some kind of gift in the end. So everyone is happy.” I said.

“It’s just that it is going to take some getting used to, living with a human again I mean. But at least she is very beautiful.” Alex said. I smirked.

“She thinks the same thing about you and Petrus apparently. Did you see the way her eyes followed the two of you?” I answered walking into the house.

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