Saturday, September 17, 2011

We have questions! (Bree Tanner)

I still didn’t think that meeting new vampires was such a good idea. But Diego was certain that it was and when he got an idea in his head there was no stopping him. So I simply went along with whatever he decided. So too, did the others. Even if it was meeting strange vampires. Though Diego did have a good point. How else were we expected to find the information about our kind than by meeting other vampires?

So timidly, I stepped out behind Diego. “We really don’t mean any harm.” I said hoping that maybe if they saw how tiny I was, they would believe us. Of course size had nothing to do with the ability to harm someone if you were a vampire.

The tiny female behind the man whispered something to him and the man finally relaxed his stance. He whispered something back to her and she nodded.

“You must be newborns.” The girl said pushing back a lock of hair.

“Is it that obvious?” Diego asked still smiling. The girl simply nodded.

“Most vampires do not barge in on other vampires’ terrorities.” The male responded.

“Rule number 1. Do not barge into other’s terrorities.” Diego said making a mental note of what the male said.

“Well, what do you want?” The girl asked leaning against the male vampire.

“To ask you questions. We don’t know anything at all about our… about…” I rolled my eyes. Diego was ever so polite and it wouldn’t get us anywhere. I thought.

“What Diego means to say is that our creator didn’t really tell us anything at all about vampires. We’ve been trying to run into some others of our kind to find things out.” I said.

“So your creator, created four new borns and didn’t tell you anything?” The male asked his eyes narrowing. We all nodded.

“I don’t think we should get involved in this…” The male said turning to the female.

“It couldn’t hurt. Besides. What if they do create trouble, and the Volturi found out that we meant them and didn’t bother to tell them anything?” The female said wisely.

“Alright.” The Male said crossing his arms. “Ask away.”

“Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves first?” Diego asked. The male shrugged.

“I’m Peter. This is Charlotte.” He said pointing to himself and then to Charlotte.

“This is Bree.” Diego said pointing to me. “Brent, Freaky Fred and I’m Diego. And we really are pleased to meet you.” Diego said still smiling.

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