Sunday, October 16, 2011

(Aro's Great Request)~ Alessandra flashback post)

Volterra; February, 1533

“You can come in Aro.” I said glaring at the door as I heard Aro’s footsteps in my hallway. I rarely had visitors, though when I did, I could not say that I was pleased with the visitor who came to call. I did not stop reading the book I was reading. It was much more interesting than anything, I suspected that Aro could say to me.

“Alessandra, dear child.” Aro said opening the doors to my chambers in one swift movement. I waved my hand and the doors closed behind him. “Such a lovely gift you do possess.” He commented carrying a string of papers in his hands. I sighed.

“What is it that you want Aro?” I asked clearly annoyed at being interrupted in my book.

“Come now Alessandra. Don’t be so rude.” Aro said plopping himself down next to me. “I have some news for you.” I sighed.

“Oh?” I asked pretending to be interested. He looked at me a moment and then went back to his papers.

“The King of England has just broken away from the church, and married Anne Boleyn.” He stated as if this was the best news in the world. I rolled my eyes. I had of course no idea who the King of England was at the moment or this Anne Boleyn. Nor did I really care. I had heard that his court was extremely dangerous from outside sources. But no more than that.

“And?” I asked.

“He broke away from the church Alessandra. Do pay attention. The church likes to think that they control the world.” Aro explain.

“The church?” I asked now sitting up. Aro nodded. “That’s silly. We control the world. Not the church.” I said much of course to Aro’s approval.

“Very true, darling. However, the humans think that the church controls the world. And I need to see if this is going to be a new thing. That countries are going to break apart from the church or not.”

“And what does this have to do with me?” I asked. “ I know nothing about these religious matters.”

“Alessandra, dear child, you did such a wonderful job with the Medici a few years ago---“       

“50 years ago or so.” I interrupted. At least I had thought it was about 50 years ago. I supposed to Aro it was simply as he said a few years ago. After all, when one was immortal, time did not make a difference.

“Exactly.” Aro nodded.” At any rate, you my dear are going to go to England and visit this King Henry’s court.” I stared at Aro for a moment. Was he serious? I wondered. Yes, I thought after I got a good look at his face. He was very serious.

“But… But… I know so very little English.” I said quietly.

“Then you must learn. I will have an English tutor come and teach you before I send you off. I’ll have him teach you the latest in their manners and etiquette and other things. We cannot be represented by a pumpkin.” Aro said lightly. “Not that I think you are such dear.”

“Isn’t his court rather dangerous?” I asked.

“Certainly it is. Most courts are dangerous. However, I have full faith in your abilities. You are after all a vampire dear when it all comes down to it.” Aro insisted. I sighed.

“Do I have a choice in this matter?” I asked.

“No.” Aro answered lightly. “I will have the tutor arrive tomorrow at this time.”

I sighed heavily. The pure idea of going to England did not sit well with me. I had of course heard many stories about these English people. They burned people for believing in the wrong things. Beheaded them for saying the wrong words, and created mayhap and chaos in the streets when the peasants rebelled against their leaders. It was worst than Rome I suspected. Of course, of all the guards Aro had in Volterra, he would want to send me. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t send Jane or Alec. Or Felix or Demtri. But I knew that answer. I was one of the few who had lived with humans recently and could blend in decently. I knew court rules and court laws. I knew how to deal with these types of people. That was why I was chosen. However, I still did not want to go. Then again, it would get me out of Volterra. For at least a little while.

“Alright. I’ll go and learn these English ways.” I said simply. Besides, it may come in handy later on as well. Knowing Aro as I did, it would. 

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