Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Books, Crafts and teasers

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It has been a long time since I last wrote a post in here other than my posts for pan. I havent any idea why a person decides to take up a blog and then doesnt post in it lol. Other than the fact that they just dont want too. Or feel like it. Or maybe dont have time. My excuse? No idea. But anyway, here goes a post! wee. 

I had taken lots of photos over the past several weeks. Planning to post each one. But as time passed by, I havent posted any of them. So I am only going to post a few for now. 

For starters, besides working, I havent really been doing alot around here. I have been reading quite a bit though. And I've read some really interesting books lately. I would have to say that my favorite so far is a Dear America book, I came across before we moved and picked it up. It is a newer book. The Dairy of Piper Davis. 

 It takes place during the beginning of World War 2. And it is more about the Japanese being placed into those camps. While these camps were nothing like Hitler's it still upsets me that my country did such a thing to a race of people. Simply for being Japanese. But anyway, I would highly recommend the book. 

I have also been teaching myself how to make dolly clothes as I stated in my last post. I am not going to post a picture of Skye in her new outfit until it is done. But here is a teaser of what I am working on. :) 

It's a combination of the cow girl outfit on the American Girl website, Nicki's outfit and another outfit I found. I couldnt figure out how to do the two layer fridging. so I left that out. And I did manage to find a pair of pink cow girl boots and a hat like Nicki's on Ebay. So I have those coming. I promise to post a pick of my doll wearing her latest outfit as soon as it is done. 

Oh and when Marie Grace and Cecile came out I did also buy the small mini doll of Marie Grace. I kinda want the larger version of the doll too. And I wouldnt mind Cecile. She's so pretty. 

Oh I came across a really interesting website that kinda reminds me of American Girl. Or rather that its trying to be like American Girl. Which is good. because I think that each country should have something like American Girl. Something to help girls learn about history and life and things like that. 

The website is called A Girl for All time. It's kinda like the British version of American Girl. Sorda. It does have a doll and two books. One activity book and one story book. http://www.agirlforalltime.com/. I didnt buy the doll itself because it was far too expensive to buy in  American dollars. But I did get the two books. They look really neat and I cant wait to read them. 

Oh and I finished that Iphone case I wanted to make. I came across a really cute idea on Esty a few months ago and decided to try it for myself. http://www.etsy.com/listing/53504161/iphone-ipod-droid-cozy-pastel-garden Of course my work isnt as good as the work on Esty is. I am not very good at embroidery yet. But here is my version of the case. 

And to close with, I came across this book at Fred Meyers the other day. It looked so incredibly interesting that I had to pick it up. It's based off the song Scarborough Fair which is one of my favorites. 

Wow it looks like I have mostly posted about books this time. lol. I guess that is to be expected. Maybe I'll even start doing book reviews soon. 

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