Sunday, October 2, 2011

In which Arian discovers ways to cure being bored (An Arian and Maisie Post)

“Here lies Arian the great master of theater and of New Bethlam!” Arian said laying down very still inside a box with his arms crossed over his chest as if he were dead. He lay there for several moments expecting that at any moment someone would come in and cry over his supposedly dead body. But, much to his disappointment. No one came in. So he flew up out of the box, then grabbed one of Maisie’s red handkerchiefs and wrapped it around his tiny blue body. 

“RAW!” He shouted dashing across the room. Then, He dashed back across the room. Running into a book shelf and then flying back to the other end of the room. He tried to breathe fire but of course he couldn’t. Instead little bits of water spurted out. Drenching the floor. 

He grabbed a tiny guitar lying on Maisie’s father’s desk and started strumming out a beat on it. Dancing about as he did this. Then, he put the guitar back on the desk, and popped into a leather chair by the fire place. 

“And now for act two of Arian’s boring day. Here we have Maisie Reed!” Arian said pulling out a small girl puppet dressed in scraps of silks. “And here we have Oliver Huntingdon.” Arian added now pulling out a boy puppet he had attempted to dress in breaches. “ Oh aren’t they so cute together?” Here, Arian made them kiss and then sighed.

Growing bored with this game, he dropped the Puppets. Then, picked up the boy puppet. “YOU TOUCHED ME!” Arian cried. 

“I did not touch you!” Arian shouted back to himself through the puppet.

“Yes you did so touch me!” Arian yelled back. Then he spit out water drenching the poor puppet. Disgusted, he tossed it to the ground. 

Next, picking up his Maisie puppet, he began to waltz in the air around the room with her until he grew tired of that too and finally dropped to the ground. 

“Here lies Arian. Dragon friend to Miss Maisie Reed. Expecting to be buried from boredom at any given minuet. There shall be a funeral arrangement soon.” He said laying his arms across his chest and closing his eyes. 

“Doom, Doom…. Doom!”Arian breathed. “Doom, Doom…” He heard a door squeak open. Then felt a figure looming over him. He opened one tiny eye. To see Maisie standing above him with a confused look on her face. 

“Doom… Doom… Here lies Arian---“ Arian began. 

“Arian what in the world are you doing with my handkerchief and in that box?” Maisie asked now coming down to the ground and peering into the box where Arian lay.

“I am Arian the great and wonderful….”Arian began.

“Oookay then.” Maisie said shaking her head.

“Well, Arian the great and wonderful Dragon. You are being rather silly at the moment. I was going to see if you wanted to go to the candy store with me. I need to decide what sort of candy to serve in those tiny baskets at the wedding. But if you seem very busy. So perhaps---“

“Candy? Never mind. I’m not busy.” Arian said shooting up out of the box and sitting on Maisie’s shoulder. 

“Um…”Maise began.

“Aren’t we going yet?” Arian asked. For he dearly loved candy.

“You’re wearing my read handkerchief?” Maisie said still staring at her tiny dragon. 

“Oh… Right. Here you go. Now can we go?” Arian asked taking the handkerchief off. Maisie simply laughed.

“Come on silly dragon.” She said kissing him lightly on the head.

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