Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On a ship (Bree)

It wasn’t as hard to sneak onto a cruise ship as we had thought. Of course we were stupid enough to choose a cruise ship but it was the first ship to leave Miami and also the only one leaving Miami that was going to Europe. The plan was to lay low for a few days on the ship so no one would detect us. We were going to have to be very careful who we drank and who we didn’t drink. It was going to have to be crew members. This we knew. Crew,  that no one would miss.

In the mean time, we didn’t get the choice of stealing into a state room. Security would surely find us in one of those. So we hid in the vast bottom of the ship’s cargo area. So far everything was going well. We were just insanely bored. I had no idea how people were able to stand being on a ship for five days while it pushed its way towards its destination. A plane would have been faster. But there was no way the four of us could get onto a plane and pass security.

So, thankfully we had looted a few stores before we decided to steal away onto the ship. Freaky Fred sat with his new stolen laptop while Brent and Diego also sat with theirs. I had a pile of books, a laptop of my own an ipod and a new Nintendo DS of which I was playing super mario brothers.

And of course I wasn’t beating the damn game. It seemed stupid to me that I could run as fast as 100 miles per hour yet I couldn’t beat a stupid game? How lame.

“I wonder what the Volturi will do with us.” Diego said sitting down next to me.

“Teach me how to beat this freakin’ game?” I asked handing Diego the DS.

“You seriously cant beat level three in Super Marios? Really Bree? I beat that like months ago.”

“Well, beat it for me please?” I asked. Diego laughed and sure enough he was able to get me through the stupid level in seconds.

“So do you think the Volturi do play video games?” Brent asked from behind his laptop. I shrugged.

“I wonder what they’ve done with themselves for all those thousands of years.” I said.

“Lots of video games.”Freaky Fred smirked.

“Somehow, I just don’t think that’s what they do. I mean when we saw them, they didn’t seem like the type to play video games.”  Diego said reasonably.

“True. They did seem kinda old man freaky type.” I said going back to the game as soon as Diego handed me the DS.

“So I think we should be on our guard when we do meet them.” Diego continued. “Just in case.”

“I honestly don’t think they’re going to do much to us.” Brent said with a quiet shrug. “I mean we haven’t broken any of their laws.

“Yeah but still.” Diego said.

“I think Diego has a good point.” Freaky Fred said. “We should be ready to bolt in case we have too. “

“Yeah we should be on our guard.” I said finally putting down my game. I was a little considered about meeting these old vampires. But I had a feeling that this was the best thing we could do for ourselves. Surely the Volturi would be able to answer all the questions we still wanted to ask. 

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