Monday, October 3, 2011

A Phone Call (Alessandra Post)

I sat staring at the phone again lying on the sofa next to me. Petrus and Alex had gone out together again. Alone. I suspected they were scoring the area and hunting. Or just being boys and doing what boys do. Which what that was, I had no idea. I had managed to get Skye to sleep. It was rather early for a 17 year old to be in bed. However, I suspected she had not had a good night’s sleep in a very long time. She had looked so tired and worn and hungry when I found her during the morning. Now however, she looked ten times better.

Clean clothes, a bath, and food and sleep would do that for a human. It was amazing to me how fragil human beings were. So while the boys were out doing their thing, I sat on the sofa staring at my phone. I knew I should call Aro. I hated the man. But I knew I should call him. I should call him and check in with him. Call him so he wouldn’t send Alec again after me.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Fine. I thought picking up the stupid cell phone. I clicked on Aro’s name.

“Alessandra what a pleasant surprise how are you doing in Forks?” Aro asked cheerfully. I frowned.

“Fine.” I choked. Then jumped when Petrus appeared suddenly leaning in the doorway. Without my brother. I cocked my head to the side starting at him for a moment. Then shook my head and held up my finger.

“And how is my dear friend Carlisle?” Aro asked of course.

“Carlisle is fine. As is the rest of his family.”

“I see, how wonderful. You must have a reason for calling me dear.” Aro piped on. I sighed and turned to face the glass windows in the living room. Looking up at the moon.

“I do.” I stated.

“And?” Aro asked patiently. After two thousand years he was of course very used to my unwillingness to converse with him.

“I found a human girl.” I started.

“How wonderful! A little one to adopt again?” Aro asked.

“She’s 17.” I said quietly. “A bit old for adopting.”

“Ah and what is her story?”

“Her father kicked her out of the house. I’ve done a few searches on the internet to make certain no one is looking for her and…”

“No one is?” Aro asked.

“No.” I said turning back around to see Petrus still leaning up against the wall in the doorway. “No one is looking for her. Anyway, I told if she wanted to live with Petrus, Alec and I in Forks than she had to finish school at least. After that, we’ll decide what to do with her.” I continued.

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