Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Table Talk (Lilac Post)

“So what do you think?” Thomas asked Pippa after she was patted on the back by all the Ravenclaws at the table.

“I think I am going to love it here! Just like everyone said. And look at all the food! How do you guys do this every year?”

“Ah, you get used to it.” Cyril said while he shoved a big spoonful of pudding into his mouth.

“The place is so big too. I’m afraid I’m going to get lost.” Pippa said taking a sip of juice.

“We’ll take you to your first class. And I am sure you will make friends and they can help you along the way.” Cecila said smiling gently at her sister.

“Do you think they’ll like me?”

“What’s not to like? You are a Middleton!” Cyril stated very proudly. “We’re very likable people.”

“All of us but maybe you.” Thomas snickered and flicked some candy at his older brother.

“Hey!!!” Cyril shouted.

“Boys!”Cecila snapped. “Behave yourselves. Especially in front of Pippa. We don’t want her to think you act like this all the time.”

“Cee, they act like this at home.” Pippa said.

“That’s not the point. Besides, we don’t want any points taken away our first day.”

“Ah, shut up Cecila.” Cyril pouted.

“How did you ever get along when you were living at home without any rucus going on?” Cecila asked turning to Lilac.

“What?” Lilac asked she had been staring at Nate and then giggle, as he made funny faces at her.

“Lil, are you even paying attention?” Cee whined.

“Can’t you see that she doesn’t care? She’s too busy making goggle eyes at Nate.” Thomas said. He was being a little pest today. Lilac kicked him under the table. “Ouch!” He squealed.

“At least I have a boyfriend for the time being. And Nate is nice. You even like him.” Lilac said grinning at her little cousin.

“I have a girlfriend too, but I don’t make puppy eyes at her all the time.”

“That’s because it’s young love.” Cecila remarked.

“I’m not that much younger than you.” Thomas snapped.

“Ah Tommy give it a break.” Lilac said, What were you asking me anyway Cee?”

“I just wondered how you managed to get along at home before you came to live with us. It must have been very quiet.”

“It was. But kinda lonely. That’s why I was always at your house.” Lilac said, giggling again as Nate made another funny face at her.  Cecila let out a heavy sigh.

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