Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To Catch a Spy (Alice)

I stood silently to the left side of the window in Carlisle’s office. Waiting. The vampire Romanian was currently climbing up the wall, trying desperately to be undetected as she was planning on sneaking into the office. I wondered if she knew the window she had picked lead to Carlisle’s office or not. I secretly doubted she knew this. However, I certainly wasn’t going to let her go snooping around Carlisle’s office. Much less our home. So I waited.

One. Two. Three. I counted. Four. Five. Yep there was the latch on the window being open and soon the vampire leaped quietly into the room. She looked around before she began to move towards Carlisle’s desk but not before I stopped her.

“You know, it is much more polite to use the front door.” I stand crossing my arms.

“Wha--- How--- You’re the freaky little pixy that can see the future uh?” The woman asked me brushing her hair out of her face. I smiled sweetly at her
“Freaky, Pixie, that’s me.” I said looking her up and down. “And you thought you could break into my home. How very rude.” I said still blocking her way.  She sighed and relaxed. Seemingly she gave up knowing that I could see her every move. She wouldn’t get pass me.

“Well, are you going to invite me in then?” She asked leaning against Carlisle’s chair. “They let Nicolae in.”

“Yes, but he used the front door.” I stated.

“Ah well, I do like to make an appearance.” The vampire said. I sighed, sensing that the others were waiting for me down stairs.

“Fine. But just remember, I can see everything you decide to do. So try anything funny. You won’t get pass me or Edward very easily for that matter.” I stated, motioning my arm towards the door.

“Nice meeting you too.” The vampire smirked as she made her way out the door and down the stairs.

“Alice?” Jasper asked meeting us in the hallway.

“Don’t worry. I caught her before she could try anything.” I said smirking. I clasped Jasper’s hand into mine as we made our way into the living room where everyone else was with Nicolae.

“I told you they had freaky powers.” Nicolae smirked to the woman. The woman rolled her eyes.

“Shut up Nicolae.” She snapped.

“She’s just mad because you’re the first person to ever actually catch her.” Nicolae said grinning at me. I smiled back.

“First time for everything.” I grinned and made my way towards the sofa sitting down

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