Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warning Singles (Alice Post)

Beep, Beep! My computer dinged at me the very second I turned it on. Ding, ding. It sang and the little envelope shot up telling me that I had an email. Well, a few emails at any rate. Of course the only one to catch my eye was one from Sarah. I began to open it, only to see everything change. I caught my breath and waited for the vision to come…

I saw Carlisle opening his email. From that Mr. Evenson person who write the book about Esme and sighed. I shut my own laptop. This email for Carlisle was far more important than the one from Sarah. After all, she wouldn’t figure out that I was Mary Alice Brandon anymore than she would figure out that I was a vampire. No, Jasper and I had erased all traces of our names after our so called deaths of course. All of these documents were safely hidden away inside a steal safe. That only Jazz and I had the key too. Stealing the documents had been rather fun. I wondered why Carlisle never thought of stealing his own documents.

I unplugged the laptop and made my way through the house to Carlisle’s study.

“Come in Alice.” He said through the slightly opened door before I could even knock. I grinned and peeked my head in the door.

“Hi Carlisle.” I piped.

“Good evening Alice. What brings you to my little office?” Carlisle asked.

“You should check your email.” I said plopping myself down in a big chair near Carlisle. He stared at me a moment, before checking his email. Sure enough. There was the email from Scott Evenson.

“He says he found some more informat---“

“I know.” I stated looking at my father.” Carlisle, why didn’t you steal those documents? The way Jazz and I did?”

“Of course I have some of them. It never occurred to me that someone would find all these---“

“I suppose it wouldn’t. Back then humans didn’t have such easy access to private documents like these.” I said inturupting him again. “As of right now, Mr. Evenson, believes you and Esme are simply ancestors of the Esme and Carlisle of the 20s. Perhaps it will still lead to nothing.” I said.

“Have you had any more of your visions, Alice?” Carlisle asked, his fingers completely still on the keyboard.

“None as of yet. I will tell you when I do.” I added.

“Um, he found my information here in Forks from the hospital website. Should I have them take that down, do you think?” Carlisle asked. I shrugged.

“I do not think that this Scott Evenson is going to fly out to Forks to meet you in person Carlisle. Even if he did, we could leave before it happened. No one would need to know where we were.” I stated.

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