Friday, November 25, 2011

Cherish the ones you have (Alessandra)

I stood staring at the spot where my family’s home had once been. It was nothing more than a field now. There were some reminders that suggested something had once been on the land of course. However, the earth had seemed to take over the spot and even the grape vines were now well over grown.

But if I looked just right I could see where the Villa had once stood. The slave quarters were down towards the bottom of the field. The cave my brother and I had played had collapsed long ago. The pool inside the villa was also filled in. I kicked myself many times for letting the family plot go to ruins like this. I could have kept it up. Aro had bought the land for me after the whole ordeal. Mostly because I begged him and wouldn’t have anyone else own it.

“So how come you never rebuilt it?” Alex asked standing beside me.

“You know why I never rebuilt it.” I answered quietly.

“Is the cave still there?” I shook my head and my brother let out a quiet sigh. “I havent been back to this spot in two thousand years.” I murmured softly.

“I have once.” I answered him pushing my way through the field and back towards where the forest had once stood. It was still there, just not as big as I remembered. Of course back then, I didn’t have vampire strength to run through the woods in seconds.

“Alessandra wait.” I heard Alex call after me, as he followed me to where our cave once stood.

“Looks like its caved in.”

“A long time ago.” I said quietly.

“And the house and everything?”

“I don’t know Alex.” I answered truthfully. “The first time I came back here was last year. Everything looked just as it does now.”

“You know, you still look just as beautiful as you did back then.” My brother whispered touching my hair. I sighed.

“Alex don’t.” I whispered softly, and found myself back in the field where our home once stood. It was incredibly hard for me to see the spot where the villa stood. I quietly sank down to my knees. Why was it still so hard for me to deal with this even after two thousand years? I wondered. I wish I could be more like my brother and just forget about it. Or not think about it. After all, it wasn’t like I could bring them back. Once a person was dead, that was what they were. Unless of course they got lucky and were turned into a vampire. Or perhaps in Petrus’s case come back for a second life. But I highly doubted the rest of my family would do that.

After several minutes, I sighed and finally stood. Turned around to stare at my brother who stood at the end of the field. At least I still had him. I thought quietly nodding to him. Within seconds he was by my side and had me wrapped in his arms. I knew he felt the same way I did. When all you had was each other, you had to cherish that.

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