Friday, November 11, 2011

A new quest perhaps (Alessandra Post)

“I’M HOME!!!” I heard Skye’s voice as she slammed the door and plopped her book bag down by the door. I sighed and shut off my computer. She always decided that she had to shout at the top of her lungs to let me know that she was home. I half wondered if the child no she wasn’t a child. She was a teenager who was really only a year younger than I was. But she seemed so childish compared to me. I shook my head.

“I knew you were here before you even set foot off the bus.” I said, walking down the stairs to meet her. She was already on her computer. Dragging it from her book bag. She took that thing everywhere with her as if it was her prize position. I supposed everyone had to have a prize position.

“We’re still studying about the ancient world. Mostly Rome. I don’t know why they think that they have to teach us these things. It’s not like they’re going to come in handy in today’s world.” Skye babbled. I raised an eyebrow. How so very modern. I thought shaking my head.

“The ways of Rome were once the ways of the world.” I said quietly. “What Rome did, everyone wanted to do.”

“Yes but it was so long ago. Don’t you think that the way the world is today is so much better than it was in Ancient Rome?” Skye asked peeking up at me.  I stared down at Skye for a moment. My hands folded in front of me. Did I think that the world was better than it was when I was alive in Ancient Rome? I shook my head again. In some ways yes, it was better. However, I wasn’t sure I thought it was completely better. The truth was that I dearly missed Rome. No I didn’t miss modern Rome. I missed my Rome. I doubted that Skye would understand though.

“Oh… I’m sorry if I said something.” Skye said.

“It’s alright. It’s just… That you couldn’t possibly know what Rome was like from your history books. None of you could. Of course there are things that are better in today’s world. But there were things that were better in Rome too.” I said softly.

“Oh.” Skye said quietly, looking from me to her laptop. I wondered what she was doing, and without thinking the laptop swung around to face me. I closed my eyes as Skye jumped back and stared at me. “Whoe… How did… Wait… Did you?” She started to ask… I nodded my head and quietly lifted up her pencil with my mind. She stared at me.

“You move objects with your mind?” I nodded my head.
“Why do you think Aro wanted me as part of his… as part of the Volturi?” I asked twirling the pencil around in the air and letting it drop on top of the notebook near Skye.

“Does all the Volturi members have a gift like yours?” I nodded. “So Petrus and Alex do as well?” I nodded. “Does Dr. Cullen have one?”

“Well, he is an excellent Doctor.”

“So not all vampires have these talents?”

“No, not all.” I answered, as I glanced at Skye’s laptop and noticed that she had received an email from Aro.

“How long have you been conversing with Aro?” I asked opening up the email.

“Hey, that’s my email… Private…”

“Skye, you don’t know Aro.” I said

“He wants to know if there is anywhere I would like to see… Alessandra… He’s offering to pay for us to---“

“No.” I said shaking my head. “No.” I said again. “Skye you know nothing about him… I will not…”

“But he wants you to take me to the one place I have always wanted to go… He’s paying for the whole---

“Skye, Aro pays for everything I do.” Interrupted.

“But he said we can go to Rome! Oh Please Alessandra… I’ve never been outside of America.”

“Your schooling…” I started.

“You can help me keep up my studies. Or I can go to school in Rome. He said we can stay there as long as we want.” As long as we wanted uh? It sounded like Aro wanted me out of Forks for some reason… Or perhaps it was that he wanted me closer to Volterra. Feeding Skye’s thoughts of Rome to get me there. I sighed after looking at her. She seemed so excited about the whole idea of seeing Rome.

“We could go with Alex and Petrus of course.” Skye added. I looked around the house. The quiet farm house in Forks. I had no desire to go back to Italy at the moment. Nor did I want to be near Volterra for any reason. Any reason at all. But to keep Skye from seeing Rome seemed like a punishment she did not deserve. So with great unrest, I finally nodded my head.

“Yay!” Skye said clapping her hands and turning her laptop around. “Can I call him?”

“No you may not.” I said staring at her. The last thing I wanted was for them to talk on the phone. “I will call him later.” I said frowning.

“I’ll email him right away and tell him that we can go.” Skye said typing away on her laptop. I turned to see Alex standing behind me and staring at Skye for a moment.  He rose an eyebrow and nodded his head, I picked up my cell phone and left Skye at the table.

“Well, what was I to say to her? I couldn’t tell her no…. You don’t have to come.” I said softly to my brother.

“I haven’t seen Rome since… I may go. It might be good to go.” He said.

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