Friday, November 11, 2011

Remeeting Will Henshaw (Lilac Post)

“Hello.” Lil heard a voice say behind her and turned to see a boy her own age from the Ravenclaw house. The boy was a bit tall for his age; she knew he was 16 because they had been in the same house since they had both started at Hogwarts. However, she had rarely spent any time with him at all. So she didn’t know him that well.

“Hi.” Lilac said smiling at the boy. He had dreamy green eyes and ash, blond hair. His skin was slightly tanish, how he could maintain a tan in England was far beyond Lilac’s understanding.

“You’re in Ravenclaw right?” The boy asked pushing back his hair. Lilac nodded.

“Yeah we’ve been in the same house and grade together since we came to Hogwarts.” She giggled. “But I don’t think we’ve ever talked.”

“Right, you’re one of the Middletons I know that much. Lilac?”  

“Everyone calls me Lil.” Lilac said. “You’re William Henshaw.” Lilac said matter of factly. She knew who he was. She knew all about William Henshaw and who his friends were and such, but Lilac had never really spoken to him much.

“Yep that’s me. But you can call me Will. We have a lot of the same classes together. I wonder why we’ve never talked before. I was surprised you weren’t with your cousins.”

“Well I don’t spend all my time with my cousins. I wanted to be alone for a little while, and I had to take my Piggy outside.  Even though it was kinda raining. She likes to go for walks. Sometimes, I think she’s part dog or something.” Lilac rambled. She always rambled on and on when she as nervous. Lil hardly ever had a chance to converse with anyone outside of her family. The few times she did, it was not very good. And then there was Nate. He was one of the few friends she did have outside the family. And she hadn’t even seen much of him since they started school this year. She supposed that it was expected. This was after all his last year at Hogwarts.

She had also heard that he had been spending time with some girl from Slytherin. But she didn’t really let it bother her. After all, it wasn’t like they even had a chance to talk much. And she was busy with her own studies and her pet and cousins. Lilac guessed it would be alright to talk to Will. It wasn’t like she was really dating anyone anymore after all.

“Oh yeah your tea cup Piggy. I’ve seen her running around the Ravenclaw common room.”

“Yeah my uncle got her for me. I was really surprised when he did.” She said shyly.

“That’s nice of him to get you a pet like that. “ Will answered just as shyly. “Would you like to have lunch with me later on maybe? We could work on our Charms homework… Which I am sure we’re gonna have. They always give us loads of homework.”

“Sure. I’d like that.” Lilac said smiling back at Will.

“Okay great! So I’ll see you then.”  Will said taking his seat now in the Charms classroom. Lilac smiled back at him and sat down to Cecila.

“What was that about?” Cee asked.

“Oh nothing.” Lilac said giggling.

“Uh-uh. Whatever.” Cee answered. Of course she knew it wasn’t just anything. But if she suspected anything, Cecila didn’t press the matter.

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