Friday, November 11, 2011

Skye's Cow Girl Outfit, marzipan, Roy Rogers and Candles

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I have been very bad at keeping this blog up. LOL I keep telling myself to do better. And then I fail. And I dont really have an excuse either. But I promise, I will do better at keeping my blog up. I also plan on revamping it a bit with new pictures and stuff. Seeing how my interest do grow as I grow older.

Anyway, on with the new things.

I did finally finish Sky's Cow Girl outfit. While it didnt turn out the way I had pictured it too at first, I am pretty pleased with it. :) I made everything in the picture but the cowgirl hat and boats. Which I bought off Ebay. The patterns I used are from Liberty Janes website. I had tried other patterns but they were always so confusing. I loved her patterns and plan on making more outfits soon.

I also bought Samantha's Christmas Craft's book off Ebay which comes with supplies for five crafts. You cant get this from American Girl anymore as it is retired. And I spent a fairly decent amount of money on it. But anyway, they had this cute idea for beaded candle holders. However, I didnt have beaded trim. So this is what I came up with instead.

I used Salley Henerson's White Diamon Slipper's Lace something nail polish to paint the candle holders with and then glued some pretty purple lace. I used those battery operated candles. (They're safer than real candles but dont give out the same effect.) And bingo. Pretty candle holders. Though the pic turned out kinda fuzzy.

And a couple weeks ago I made Marzipan after reading the Girl For All Time book. I kept having a craving for the small candies. They have pretty easy instructions on the website and in the activity book.

Anyway, I guess those are the most recent crafts I've made. I need to find that list of things I wanted to make because I've been rather bored lately.

Oh and here is a lovely picture I took outside my front window the other morning. Of a beautiful sunrise in Wasilla, Alaska.

And here is an old song from a Roy Rogers Movie I used to adore when I was a kid.

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