Friday, November 25, 2011

Sugar gets a new coat, Skye's new holiday outfit.

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Yes! Joanna finally has a new post ready. yeah I know it took me forever. So much for trying to blog more lol.

anyway on to the good stuff. 

I have recently decided to make a few items for Skye. The first being a holiday outfit. I borrowed patterns once again from the Liberty Jane website. And made a cute little dress for my doll. I added a ruffles at the bottom. A shirt from a Play Wonder outfit, and kept the necklace I had for Skye. I added a cute ribbon to her hair and borrowed Kirsten's shoes. LOL. By the way, I am still debating if Kirsten should go to the doll hospital and get fixed. In the end though, I am pretty sure she will. So expect pictures of that coming soon. 

I think the outfit turned out pretty cute. Though the belt needs some work lol. 

Oh and then a few weeks ago I bought Sugar on Amazon. She didnt come with the name tag that she does on the American girl website. But she was a bit cheaper on Amazon than she is on the American Girl website and she came with a postcard book. 

I decided that because she lives in Alaska, where it is cold right now, she should have a little doggy coat. So I made her one last night. It turned out fairly decent for my first doggy coat. lol. here is a side view.

And a front view. 

Isnt she cute? I will probably make a name tag for her eventually and I want to make a little bed for her too. 

And finally, I did see Breaking Dawn Part 1 finally. I actually thought it was pretty good. Which surprised me because I wasnt really fond of the book. But lol I did like the movie. 

Maybe I will make Skye a few Twilight outfits lol. we'll see. Oh and I ordered Kanani. I cant wait to get her. She's so pretty. I had to have her. 

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