Thursday, December 1, 2011

Uh-oh Crazy Dude Coming (Alice Post)

“So what kind of resources do we want? I mean the 19th century is waay big.” Emmett said grabbing a thick book off the shelves in the library.

“There is slavery, Jane Austen, Bach, The American Civil War…”

“Too bad we cant just ask Jazz about this stuff.”

“I know right? Or Carlisle.” I sighed and opened up a big book with the words Victorian on it. This time period was not my forte. I wasn’t born in the 19th century. But you could ask me most anything about the Roaring twenties and I could tell you. I knew Emmett probably felt the same way. He wasn’t around in this time either.

“What about the wagon train stuff?” Emmett asks pushing through another book.

“We could use---“ I started to say but suddenly everything shifted and I let out a soft breath, concentrating on the vision I knew I was about to see…

There standing in an airport was Scott Evenson. The guy that had been causing Carlisle a bunch of issues lately. I watched closely as he pulled out his plane ticket. For Seattle. Then listened as he talked to someone about deciding to go to Forks. I watched as he made his way towards his plane and then the vision disappeared…

“What is it?” Em asked. “You got that blank look on your face.”

“Scott Evenson…”

“uh-oh.”  I nodded.

“He’s coming here. Well to Forks. He wants to meet Carlisle and Esme.” I said.

“Should we tell Carlisle now?” Em asked gathering the five books we found. I nodded .

“You better have Leah check those out. We can finish later.” I said dashing out the library and into the hall. I couldn’t make a phone call in a place that we’re supposed to be quiet in now could I?

“Carlisle?” I asked standing outside now.

“Alice, whats up?” My father asked.

“Carlisle, Scott Evenson is coming to Forks.” I said looking at Emmett. “Emmett and I are coming home.” There was a moment of silence on the phone and then I heard Carlisle move silently, shuffling some papers on his desk.

“Are you sure, Alice?” He asked.

“Very sure.” I said opening the doors to my car. 

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