Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blue Prints and Magazines (Alessandra Post)

“You have excellent memory.” Demetri said staring at me as if I did something utterly amazing. The carpenters were having trouble reading my father’s blue print. I was showing them what the blue print meant.

“How can you know what that blue print means? Its well over two thousand years old.” The man builder was saying.

“I took archeology.” I shrugged. It wasn’t a lie. I did have a degree in it. “So I can read the blue prints.” I added. This seemed to appease the man. He went back to work.

“I still don’t understand how you still remember all this. My human memories are becoming fuzzy.”

“It’s because you’ve chosen to forget them.” I said quietly looking at Demetri. “I havent.”

“I see. I wonder why Aro suddenly wants you to rebuild this place.”Demetri said bent over the blue prints. I shrugged.

“He said something about wanting me to be happy….”Demetri shot me a look.” I know, I don’t believe it for one minute either. He has something up his sleeve. But what it is, I have no idea.” I said. “I’m just going along with his sharade. Besides, I’m getting my home rebuilt.” I added.

“This is true. What you’ve always wanted.” Demetri said shaking his head. “Petrus, cant you tell your girlfriend that there is nothing wrong with being a vampire?” Demetri asked Petrus as he came into view. He was witling away at a piece of wood with a knife. I hadn’t known Petrus could carve and I stared at him. He smiled sweetly at me then smirked at Demetri.

“Alessandra doesn’t hear anything she doesn’t—“

“Would you look at this...” I said as I flipped through an Italian magazine I had picked up in Rome.

“What?” Demetri asked.

“Stupid… Stupid…” I said shaking my head. There smack it in the middle of the magazine was a picture of none other than Boris.* the stupid vampire had made a name for himself. Becoming a sort of play boy or sex icon for Italian models. I was rather surprised that none of the Volturi had heard of this. I was going to have to put a stop to it.

“Is that?...” Demetri began. I nodded. Of course Demetri knew exactly who it was. “Stupid idiot.” He added shaking his head.

“What?” Petrus asked looking at the article. “Wait is that a…”

“Yep.” I said. “A really stupid vampire.” I said shaking my head.”

“I’m surprised Aro hasn’t heard about this yet.” Demetri said shaking his head.

“I know.” I said sighing. I would have to find Boris, before Aro found out and put an end to his charade. If I could. However, at the moment I was far more interested in what the builders where doing. Boris could wait.

(OOC: Boris and Alessandra had a lavish affair once a long time ago. That story will probably come much later.) 

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