Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to be prepared (Alice Post)

I knew that Carlisle and Esme were upset with us, however, there was really no way around killing Scott. Jasper, Rosalie, Edward and I had seen that from the beginning. He knew our secrets. He knew about vampires. The Volturi had one rule and one rule only. Humans cannot know about vampires. But Scott knew. Besides, having Jasper kill him was a kinder end to him than the Voluri would have given Scott. Carlisle had to see this.

The other matter that worried me a great deal was the fact that the Volturi were coming. And despite all the chaos, I had not had a chance to tell Carlisle this. I needed to warn him at least, even if he was terrible upset with me. I couldn’t let him not know that they were coming. Besides, I was certain that eventually the thing with Scott would blow over.

I found myself gliding through the hallway towards Carlisle’s office. Where I knew he would be. Most likely grieving for the wrong we had done Scott. I certainly didn’t want to upset him more. But, I had to tell him.

“Come in Alice.” He said before I even reached the door. I couldn’t help but smile slightly. He was after all, the only father I had ever known.

“Carlisle….” I started as I opened the door. But he held up his hand to stop me from saying anything that had to do with Scott.

“I cannot express how deeply hurt I am that you went behind my back with this Alice.” Carlisle said quietly. I looked at him for a moment. I sighed. I knew he was hurt. I knew we had hurt Esme. But there was nothing that could have been done about it.

“Carlisle, Jazz didn’t kill him, the Volturi would have.” I said firmly. “ I saw it. I saw two ways he was going to die. Jasper did him a favor.”

“It does not make his death right.”

“Is death ever right?” I asked looking at him. Carlisle sighed.

“You didn’t come in here to talk about Scott did you?” He said now changing the subject. I shook my head.

“No.” I said. “Carlisle the Volturi are on their way.” I finally said after a few moments of silence.

“I should have guessed they would get wind of this.” Carlisle muttered. “How many of them?”

“It’s only Jane.” I said.

“Only Jane….” We both knew that by sending Jane alone, Aro might as well have sent the whole Volturi guard.


“A few days at the most.” I said.

“Then we best be prepared.” 

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