Thursday, January 26, 2012

Joanna's musings to move to new blog!

I have decided along time ago that I wanted a new blog. Not that there is anything wrong with my orginal blog. However, So many things have changed since I began this blog, that I thought a new blog might be good. One that tells a little bit more about me. I will keep this blog up of course. I have so much information in it that it would be a shame to take it down. However, all my new posts will go to Joanna’s Musing’s in Alaska from now on. 

So please check that blog out instead of the old one. 

Looking forward to doing more posts


Here is the url for the new blog!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blue Prints and Magazines (Alessandra Post)

“You have excellent memory.” Demetri said staring at me as if I did something utterly amazing. The carpenters were having trouble reading my father’s blue print. I was showing them what the blue print meant.

“How can you know what that blue print means? Its well over two thousand years old.” The man builder was saying.

“I took archeology.” I shrugged. It wasn’t a lie. I did have a degree in it. “So I can read the blue prints.” I added. This seemed to appease the man. He went back to work.

“I still don’t understand how you still remember all this. My human memories are becoming fuzzy.”

“It’s because you’ve chosen to forget them.” I said quietly looking at Demetri. “I havent.”

“I see. I wonder why Aro suddenly wants you to rebuild this place.”Demetri said bent over the blue prints. I shrugged.

“He said something about wanting me to be happy….”Demetri shot me a look.” I know, I don’t believe it for one minute either. He has something up his sleeve. But what it is, I have no idea.” I said. “I’m just going along with his sharade. Besides, I’m getting my home rebuilt.” I added.

“This is true. What you’ve always wanted.” Demetri said shaking his head. “Petrus, cant you tell your girlfriend that there is nothing wrong with being a vampire?” Demetri asked Petrus as he came into view. He was witling away at a piece of wood with a knife. I hadn’t known Petrus could carve and I stared at him. He smiled sweetly at me then smirked at Demetri.

“Alessandra doesn’t hear anything she doesn’t—“

“Would you look at this...” I said as I flipped through an Italian magazine I had picked up in Rome.

“What?” Demetri asked.

“Stupid… Stupid…” I said shaking my head. There smack it in the middle of the magazine was a picture of none other than Boris.* the stupid vampire had made a name for himself. Becoming a sort of play boy or sex icon for Italian models. I was rather surprised that none of the Volturi had heard of this. I was going to have to put a stop to it.

“Is that?...” Demetri began. I nodded. Of course Demetri knew exactly who it was. “Stupid idiot.” He added shaking his head.

“What?” Petrus asked looking at the article. “Wait is that a…”

“Yep.” I said. “A really stupid vampire.” I said shaking my head.”

“I’m surprised Aro hasn’t heard about this yet.” Demetri said shaking his head.

“I know.” I said sighing. I would have to find Boris, before Aro found out and put an end to his charade. If I could. However, at the moment I was far more interested in what the builders where doing. Boris could wait.

(OOC: Boris and Alessandra had a lavish affair once a long time ago. That story will probably come much later.) 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to be prepared (Alice Post)

I knew that Carlisle and Esme were upset with us, however, there was really no way around killing Scott. Jasper, Rosalie, Edward and I had seen that from the beginning. He knew our secrets. He knew about vampires. The Volturi had one rule and one rule only. Humans cannot know about vampires. But Scott knew. Besides, having Jasper kill him was a kinder end to him than the Voluri would have given Scott. Carlisle had to see this.

The other matter that worried me a great deal was the fact that the Volturi were coming. And despite all the chaos, I had not had a chance to tell Carlisle this. I needed to warn him at least, even if he was terrible upset with me. I couldn’t let him not know that they were coming. Besides, I was certain that eventually the thing with Scott would blow over.

I found myself gliding through the hallway towards Carlisle’s office. Where I knew he would be. Most likely grieving for the wrong we had done Scott. I certainly didn’t want to upset him more. But, I had to tell him.

“Come in Alice.” He said before I even reached the door. I couldn’t help but smile slightly. He was after all, the only father I had ever known.

“Carlisle….” I started as I opened the door. But he held up his hand to stop me from saying anything that had to do with Scott.

“I cannot express how deeply hurt I am that you went behind my back with this Alice.” Carlisle said quietly. I looked at him for a moment. I sighed. I knew he was hurt. I knew we had hurt Esme. But there was nothing that could have been done about it.

“Carlisle, Jazz didn’t kill him, the Volturi would have.” I said firmly. “ I saw it. I saw two ways he was going to die. Jasper did him a favor.”

“It does not make his death right.”

“Is death ever right?” I asked looking at him. Carlisle sighed.

“You didn’t come in here to talk about Scott did you?” He said now changing the subject. I shook my head.

“No.” I said. “Carlisle the Volturi are on their way.” I finally said after a few moments of silence.

“I should have guessed they would get wind of this.” Carlisle muttered. “How many of them?”

“It’s only Jane.” I said.

“Only Jane….” We both knew that by sending Jane alone, Aro might as well have sent the whole Volturi guard.


“A few days at the most.” I said.

“Then we best be prepared.” 

Hunger Games Recipe, Hot Dog Roll Ups and other crafts

Location: Bedroom
Music: Cecen Kizi (Istanbulin cd) 
Book: A Clue in the Towar ( American Girl: Samantha Mystery) 
Mood: Waking Up

Wow, I cant believe how long its been since I posted here! I promise to do better. I really do. My excuses, I was sick for a week around Christmas. And the holidays. But now things are slowing down a good deal. Hopefully, I shall be able to do more interesting posts on my blog lol. 

Anyway, I made a few wonderful things while I was on, I guess you could call it a small leave. lol. 

The first, is a while back I had seen this very cute little skirt at Target. it was pink with black lace. So I got this idea to try and make a mini version for my doll. It turned out very cute! I found a pretty shirt at Fred Meyer in the children's section that I used for the tank top. The socks where originally doll tights.  But the tights wouldnt fight. so I made them into socks. The flower charm I found at Walmart. The skirt pattern is my own. The tank top is used from a Liberty Jane patter. All in all its one of my best doll outfits yet. 

In this month's American girl magazine, they have instructions on how to make pretty flowers out of tissue. So i made those to lighten up the apartment. I couldnt find a vase though lol. So I just used a plastic cup. 

I also made a cute little bookmark out of some stickers I've had of Kirsten for a while. I found the idea off of the Doll Diaries website. I think it turned out cute. I could have used color stock instead of white. but it works. (Yes I do still read normal books even after I have a Kindle. ) 

And finally, while I was sick, I spent the most of the week reading The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. It is a wonderful series and I highly recommend it. I did get annoyed by some of the books in the series. But all in all, I loved it. Especially the first book. Anyway, through out the book, the author describes the food that the Katniss eats. And as I love to cook, I found an unofficial cookbook on amazon. there is a kindle addition.  I decided to try and make the goat cheese that Prim gives to Katniss in the first few pages. It turned out really yummy too. Course I couldnt find Basil leaves to wrap it in like I wanted. But it works well on crackers. 

Here is the recipe I used. So you can make it if you want. 

and I also made Hot Dog roll ups the other days. Those things are good! I found the recipe in Julie's Cookbook from American Girl. 

For Hot Dog Roll Ups you will need
6 hot dogs
1/2 cup of melted butter
6 slices of bread
American cheese ( I used shredded cheddar) 
Pickle Relish for topping or Ketchup.


Preheat oven to 375 F

Microwave hot dogs on a plate for about 35 seconds, set plate aside.

Place butter in a bowl, cover and microwave until melted. Roughly 25 seconds

Use a pastry brush to cover one side of the bread with butter. 

Place buttered side down on the cookie sheet and the unbuttered side with mustard. 

Sprinkle with cheese. Or if using sliced cheese, cut the sliced cheese in half. Place one half on the left side of the bread the other half on the right.

Using place hotdog in the middle of the bread. Fold bread over hotdog to make a sandwich. Use toothpicks to secure. Repeat with all hotdogs. 

Bake for 15 to 20 minuets. Or until Golden Brown. Remove toothpicks. Top with relish or serve with ketchup. Serve warm. 

Okay, I really do promise to post here more. And expect more posts from Alice and Alessandra coming soon too. :) I shall now leave off with Taylor Swifts new song for the Hunger Games Movie Soundtrack. Its really good. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kanani's Aloha outfit and lots of other things

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Mood: Meh
Book: A Prairie as wide as the sea
Music: Santa Clause is coming to town~ Tommy Dorsey

Okay, I have been meaning to post this for a while now lol. But time always seems to get away from me. I dont know how that happens but it does. Actually, I've been working loads of days straight. So that is probably the most likely cause of it getting away from me. Plus Christmas. But I still seemed to have found time to make lots of cute little crafts. :) 

Anyway, on the American Girl website, Kanani had a few very cute outfits that I didnt get to buy for her because they are currently sold out. So I decided to try and make my own version of the outfit.  This is her Aloha outfit on the website.  and this is the one I made her. 

It's not exactly the same as the one on the site. But I think it is close enough. And doesnt she look cute with her hair in braids? 

And then I made a cute little Pom Pom pillow with pink pom poms and cute fabric. It turned out great too. 

I also made a cute little fan from Samantha's craft book. I used some scrap book paper instead of gift wrapping paper. I think I could have decorated it more. But I still like it. I had to use tape to tape it together though instead of a staple. The Staple wouldnt go through the paper because I double sided the paper. 

I also decided to make Marie Grace and Cecile's Mardi Gras Mask for Kanani. I may decide to make the rest of the fair costume too. Here is how it turned out. 

And here is the one from the site.

Oh and I made Nachos from Julie's cook book. They arent exactly like the ones in the cook book but they were yummy regardless. 

Here is the recipe. 

Oh and I am reading my first Dear Cananda book. I know so little about Canada and its nice to see history from another countries point of view. So far the book is really good. Its just like the Dear America books. I'm really enjoying it. 

Whew, that was a long update wasnt it? But it was fun to update lol. So I guess thats all I have to put. A few weeks worth of pictures and crafts and recipes. Now let's see what else I can make between now and the next time I post lol. 

(1850 Volterra Flashback) Decorating the Tree ( Alessandra)

“Alessandra be a dear and come into the great hall.” I heard Aro say as he came into my chambers without knocking. I sighed and looked at him. Thoroughly, annoyed. I was completely absurd in the novel I was reading and really didn’t want to put it down. It was so much more interesting than anything Aro could come up with.

“You can finish your book later. Right now, I require your help on a great matter.” He said, his voice as happy as a child’s. When Aro’s voice was this happy it wasn’t ever good. I rolled my eyes again. Wondering what great matter it was that Aro wanted help with.

I didn’t say anything as he lead me through the halls of Volterra and into the Great Hall where standing in the middle was a very large Ever Green Tree, that the lesser guard had started to decorate with tiny ornaments. I sighed.

“Aro, what on earth is this about?” I asked.

“I saw the most splendid memory in the mind of the human I encounterd last night.” Aro begin. “This boy’s family was all around what they called a Christmas tree. Each opening presents and celebrating the birth of some child.” Aro added waving his hand towards the manger with a child in it at the bottom of a tree.

“And I thought….”

“You wanted to recreate this boy’s Christmas for us?” I asked. He nodded.

“And as you have such a beautiful talent…”

The whole thing was a bit absurd. Aro. Wanting to create this peaceful event in Volterra for us. Of course I had no idea who the baby was supposed to be. I guessed it was some Christian costume I had never heard of. I sighed and watched a tiny colorful bulb lift out of the box and up onto a tree. It was clear that Aro wanted me to help with the decorating of the tree.

“Excellent!” Aro said clapping his hands. “I knew you wouldn’t mind helping.”

“Aro..”I started to say shaking my head. But he had already gone. One of the newer guards, I could never keep track of the lesser guard because they came and went like water flowing, came up to me.

“Isn’t it simply splendid?” The man asked. I sighed.

“Yes, just wonderful.” I muttered moving another ornament up onto the tree.

“I can’t wait until it’s all done and we have the celebration. Master says it will be the best he has ever thrown.”

“I’m sure it will be.” I sad with another ornament onto the tree.

“How do you do that?” The guard asked me now, watching as I moved yet another ornament onto the tree.

“With my mind.” I said with a shrug.

“Oh.” The man said.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Following Scott (Alice Post)

“Do you think he’ll recognize us?” Bella asked as we sat down in the corner of the local favorite café where Scott Evenson was sitting eating his dinner across the room. I shook my head.

“How could he? He has no idea what we look like.”

“The only reason why he knew where to even find Carlisle was because his contact information was on the Forks Hospital website. Besides, the whole point of us coming here is to let him know we are watching him.” Edward said quietly as Bella ordered a veggie burger.

“You arent really going to hurt him are you?” Bella asked putting ketchup on the burger. Edward and I exchanged looks.

“If it comes to the point that we have too…” Bella sighed and shook her head. Clearly not understanding.

Scott had not noticed us walk into the restaurant. He was too busy with his notes and computer, trying to eat his food at the same time. I marveled at how unobservant the man was for a writer. It was said that Mark Twain had been able to write such great books because he was so observant. And I had taken that for granted. Thought that most authors were observant. But clearly Scott wasn’t. I glanced at Edward.

“He’s trying to figure out what Carlisle is. Er… How he’s immortal.” Edward explained. I nodded. “But all he has come up with is super hero stuff.”

“Like I did at first?’ Bella piped up. Edward and I nodded.

“It’s a common misconception, when humans first meet us.” Edward explained.

“Do you wonder why? I mean you guys don’t sleep, you have pale colors… The super natural senses…” Bella said. Edward and I both nodded, our eyes still watching Scott’s every move. It was rather annoying to have a human in Forks who knew so much about our family and was willing to take a risk and expose us. Especially as this was the one rule the Volturi had. The humans couldn’t know about vampires. And even when they did know about us, those few humans didn’t last long as humans. Most were either killed or turned.

If Scott thought he would live through this, he was stupid. As if he knew were watching him, Scott finally looked at Edward, Bella and I. At first his expression was confused and then he blanked. Edward looked at me.

“Well it’s about time.” He muttered.

“He noticed us. I knew he would eventually.”

“He knows we’re part of Carlisle’s family.”

“How could he not? The whole town knows that.” I joked. Edward rolled his eyes.